What you need to know about buying American flags

You have decided to buy an American Flag. There are many flag sites that you can search on Google for American Flags. Prices are all over the place and descriptions can leave you confused. You can get the best guide on https://www.innervisioncrystals.net/.

You have come to the right spot. This article will quickly inform you of the essential information you need to make the best decision and fly a flag you are proud to display.

The four most important considerations in buying an American flag are:

Country of Manufacture

Country of Manufacture

Let’s begin with country of manufacture. This is an obvious issue. American flags can be purchased from many countries. You may also know that China is just as large a manufacturer of American flags as Mexico. For most people, buying a US flag made in another country is unpatriotic. If you’re looking for the lowest price, a Chinese flag might be the right option. You can also buy flags made right here in America for slightly more money.


Next, let us look at materials. Nylon, nylon and polyester are the three main materials used for flags. Each material offers its own benefits. You may find some materials more appropriate depending on where your flag will be flown.

Cotton – A beautiful fabric, cotton. It is the most popular choice for flags to be displayed indoors. You can choose vibrant and rich colors. The flag’s “body”, which is cotton, may have soft flowing folds that look great indoors.

Nylon – Outdoor use is possible with nylon flags. Nylon is lightweight and will fly easily in light breezes. It is also very durable. SolarMax, by DuPont is the most well-known flag nylon. Although they may look identical, other nylons are not as durable and colorfast as SolarMax. Nylon flags can appear slightly translucent which could be a detriment to their appearance.

Polyester – this is the tricky one. Polyester flags can be either the cheapest or the most difficult flags that you can purchase. How is this possible? It all comes down weight. A flag made from inexpensive polyester will typically say “Lightweight, printed Polyester”. These two keywords, “lightweight” & “printed”, will tell you everything you need to know. One of these flags might be suitable for indoor display, but not where quality is important.

If you want the strongest flag, a “twoply” (or double-weight) polyester flag will do. These are made from a double thickness fabric, just like the name. They are made of embroidered stars and sewn stripes, making them the most popular type of flag manufacturer.

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