Moldavite’s Healing and Spiritual from Heavens

This green beauty is called a tektite. It is a glassrock. It is thought that the meteorite that struck the earth 15 million years ago formed it. It was in the area of Czechoslovakia that was previously known as Nordlinger Ries. Moldavia is where moldavite’s name comes from real vs fake moldavite! It was melted into pieces and thrown over an area of approximately 250 miles near Moldau.

A strewnfield refers to the way in which the meteorite was dispersed. These are elliptical-shaped regions that contain debris from multiple meteorites. They can extend up to several miles.

Moldavite is a beautiful translucent forest green, but can also be lighter. Also, you can find specimens in yellow or brown. It is currently available in both gem-cut and rough forms. However, it is becoming more rare and thus more costly. This stone is a favorite of spiritual seekers due to its celestial origins.

Moldavite doesn’t have to be reserved for Starseeds. It is made from the meteorite and the earth. Moldavite is therefore a mixture of earth and celestial materials. It doesn’t really matter where you are from. This stone can be used to communicate with otherworldly beings and get in touch with earth spirits, faeries and other earth spirits. It is an excellent meditation tool for those who feel isolated in the universe.

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